150th Celebration: Honoring former clergy

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As part of our 150th anniversary celebration, on May 15 we will be celebrating former pastors, visitation pastors, interns and Son’s of the Ministry  from our congregation.  We have some letters from those that aren’t able to attend and a video from one. A photo display of the Pastors, and some interesting information on their time with us, will also be presented in the Narthex for your viewing.

There will be a very special coffee reception for the Pastors after the service. Please come and greet them and have a  great cinnamon roll, fruit and Aromas coffee. Yum!

We will also be remembering the 1968 Tornado since that was May 15, 54 years ago. We plan on a presentation of pictures and video from the time and a reading of Pastor Trost’s (1964-1969) remembrances of that date and the weeks after. A very interesting manuscript. We hope to see you there!