baptismThank you for your interest in a baptism at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church 

We believe that baptism brings individuals into the family of God. In baptism, our sins are forgiven and we become members of God’s family. Baptism is the first step on a life-long journey of faith. The faith that begins at Baptism must be nurtured and strengthened for a lifetime. Holy Baptism is one of the two sacraments in the Lutheran Church. We baptize people of any age. If an infant or child is being baptized, parents and sponsors make promises on behalf of the child.


A meeting with the pastor

To help your family understand the meaning of Baptism in the Lutheran Church, a pastor will set up an appointment with you to review the Baptism service. At this time, the pastor will explain the meaning of the Baptism service in the church. This meeting will help you understand the meaning of the Baptism service and the promises that you and your Baptismal Sponsors will be asked to make before God and his people.


Parental Promises

At the time your child is baptized, you will promise to bring your child to church, promise to teach them the essentials of faith – the Apostle’s Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments – and raise them in the Christian faith. Parents must be willing to follow through on these promises. The congregation also makes promises to support the parents in prayer and welcome them into the life we share through Jesus Christ.



You will be asked to have Baptismal Sponsors present at the Baptism of your child. Your sponsors will promise to help care for the spiritual needs of your child. It is best if the sponsors that you choose are Christians who are willing to keep the promises that they will make on the day of your child’s Baptism.


Other considerations 

No distinction is made at St. John with regard to baptisms performed for children whose parent or parents may be single or married. All baptisms normally take place in the church sanctuary unless it is an emergency situation. Baptisms are typically scheduled on a second or fourth Sunday of the month.

There is no charge for a Baptism at St. John. This is part of our ongoing ministry to our members, their families, and to our community. We pray that God would use this special event to strengthen your own faith and your commitment to His Church. Please don’t hesitate to contact a Pastor if you have any further questions, or if you would like to schedule a baptism.