The pastors of St. John are open to conducting funerals for both members and non-members. The pastors will conduct funerals either at a funeral home or at the church, depending on the wishes of the family. At a Lutheran funeral service, we hear once again the promises that were made at Baptism: “that nothing can separate us from the Love of God that is in Jesus Christ.”


Scheduling a Funeral

Funerals are usually scheduled with a pastor in conjunction with the funeral director. A funeral cannot be scheduled until Pastor Russ Leeper has been contacted and consulted. A pastor can also preside at funerals or memorial services in funeral homes, graveside services, or other locations. If the deceased has left formal or informal instructions for the funeral service, those instructions will be incorporated into the planning process.



It is common practice to include an obituary in the funeral bulletin. This can be the same as was printed in the newspaper, or can be modified. The funeral home will help you write the obituary.



A lunch at the church provides an occasion for reconnecting with family and friends. The women of St. John will do everything to make sure the lunch is ready when the family is ready. We will need to know how many people you anticipate will come to lunch. We have suggestions of food and drink and welcome the family’s input, too.



When a casket is present, one option is to use a cloth covering called a “pall” that is placed on the casket before it is brought into the sanctuary at the beginning of the service.  The pall symbolizes the righteousness of Christ with which we are “covered” through our baptism.



Typically, a visitation is held at the funeral home the day before the funeral.  It is also common to have a one-hour visitation at the church immediately prior to the start of the service.



Many choose to designate one or more memorial recipients to which gifts may be given. Your consideration of the ministries of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church as a memorial recipient is appreciated. If you would like to designate a specific ministry we can direct memorials to that area.