Worship services are cancelled until further notice due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Summer Worship Schedule (May 1 – Mid September):
8:00 A.M. & 9:30 A.M.– Traditional Worship Service In Sanctuary

Fall/Winter Worship Schedule:
8:00 A.M. & 10:15 A.M. – Traditional Worship Service In Sanctuary. 9:05 A.M. Education Hour.


Which service is right for you?

Traditional worship service is held in the sanctuary, the main worship area of the church. We typically follow the Lutheran Book of Worship (the red hymnal) liturgy, but sometimes we will use other liturgies and music.

Celebrate Worship Service is a more casual worship service. The service is held in the sanctuary. Music is more contemporary and is sometimes led by a praise band with piano, guitars, percussion, and vocalists.


The church holds as many as 650 people. Worship attendance is about 200-250 people for each week.